Here's what some of Ros' past clients have said about her work:

Esther Anatolitis  Director Regional Arts Victoria

Under the leadership of Ros Abercrombie as Festival Director, the Shepparton Festival’s acclaim has grown to project an image of Shepparton as a place that welcomes new thinking and champions creative risk. Ros is one of the country’s most accomplished festival directors, with a string of stellar major events to her credit. Her expertise across site, community, duration and communication as key festival components inform an approach that creates exciting platforms for artists to present excellent work

Geraldine Christou Manager Economic Development Greater Shepparton City Council

Ros has become entrenched in our community, but rather then enforce herself upon the community, she has mentored and built capacity of the community by passing on her knowledge and skills ensuring she has a key understanding of the community that she is working with

Laura McKelvey – Premier Event manager | New Year’s Eve | Moomba Festival | Events Melbourne, City of Melbourne

Ros’ ability to design, model and program festivals from any starting position is exceptional and has allowed the Moomba Festival, and New Year’s Eve, to find true identity within themselves and within the market.

Ros has a unique ability, experience and skill set to think big in planning stages, understand operational restrictions and challenges when producing, and provide an eye for detail and a desire to care for the things that make the audiences’ experience just that little bit more special.

Andy Miller – Senior Arts Officer, Programming and Innovation Arts Victoria

The experienced and dynamic team that Ros offered us brought fresh approaches to staging an event and useful tools for delivering an inexpensive and relatively thorough evaluation of the impact of that event. The team helped us to deliver an excellent event, managing risk along the way – generously sharing their skills and knowledge for the benefit of all concerned

Amanda King – Creative Director, Chocolatestudio

Ros has a great eye for programming, producing dynamic and diverse events that appeal to fans of both the popular and the off-beat. I believe this is due to Ros’ unique ability as highly efficient, supportive and relaxed director. She allows professional artists, performers and production crew the autonomy to get their own work done.

Fiona Smolenaars - Innovative Outcomes

I find Ros’s style energising. She can see and articulate a really big picture. Ros is great at building connections between people and also between people and experiences. Then when it comes to the doing Ros is organised, methodical and her events are well planned. She is on top of everything. I enjoy working with Ros for her passion, her ways to create community and that she challenges my thinking.