Trifle Creative - Shepparton Festival 2016

A trifle is a matter of careful construction

It is a classic dish made with tradition, laddened with nostalgia and a dessert of indulgence

The Shepparton Festival Trifle was made up of 7 layers, each layer of produce represents the ingredients of the festival:

  1. Jelly – Gathering
  2. Cake – Performance
  3. Fruit  - Music
  4. Custard - Visual Art
  5. Fruit  - Film
  6. Custard – Comedy
  7. Cream and toppings - Friends

The layers represent the landscape, community, artists, venues, process, production and design that combine to create the festival.
One of life's great pleasures is scraping back a section of the cream and piercing the custard with a spoon and discovering all the layers of decadence.

Creative Direction: Ros Abercrombie
Film and Post Production: David Brown Films
Sound: Tim Price
Still Photography: Angela Bailey
Trifle construction: Scott Campbell

Trifle: one of life's great pleasures

Trifle: one of life's great pleasures

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