Shepparton Festival Club

A discussed steel yard,
pallets and astro turf 

Artistic Director – 2015

As Artistic Director of the Shepparton Festival Ros introduced a festival club to the programming to connect people and places both artistically, metaphorically and literally through community celebration.

Set in the car park of an opportunity shop, the club was created from local pallets and milk crates mixed with a retro-chic style. The programming showcased local artists and the catering was all local produce.


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The club was a great success. Crowds grew exponentially over the three nights, to the point of there being a queue around the block on the last night, a rare sight in sleepy Shepparton on a Sunday night.

The festival club contributed to the festival’s marketing and brand awareness campaign on three interconnected levels:

  • identity creation (brand awareness, brand development)
  • participation (producers, artists and contractors)
  • consumption (spending and celebration)
Festival Club
Festival Club
Festival Club

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