Be Consumed Shepparton Festival 20th Year 2016

Inviting audiences to "Be consumed" for 17 experience-packed days.

  • Be Consumed - experience shepfest differently
  • Be consumed by your art practice
  • Be consumed by the arts, by music, theatre, film, visual arts
  • Be consumed by the sights, sounds, flavours
  • Be consumed by imagery and expression
  • Be consumed by community celebration
  • Be consumed with friends and family
  • Be consumed in unique and unusual places
  • Be consumed by shepparton and the region
  • Be consumed by arts, culture, food, and community
  • Be consumed for 17 days
  • Be consumed @ ShepFest 2016


The 2016 Festival Creative had four elements:

  1. Graphic image – the trifle
  2. 20 year stamp
  3. Be consumed text
  4. Shepparton Festival Logo

be-consumed-1   be-consumed-2  be-consumed-3

Along with a Festival logo and the ‘be consumed’ tag line the distinctive Shepparton Festival ‘red’ was used as a visual indicator across all marketing, advertising material and communication platforms.

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