About Ros

Ros has been working in the festival and event industry for over 20 years. She specialises in concept development, curated content, community engagement, event and space design, and artistic direction.

As a practicing festival director, Ros believes that collaboration is key to building an engaging, innovative and memorable event. A signature of her approach is to bring together emerging, established and community artists to stimulate dialogue and create new works in accessible public environments.

Her work is both directly and indirectly linked with the public sector and generates professional and efficient relationships. She ensures that her work meets the requirements of all social, environmental, artistic and financial frameworks.

Ros has lectured in festival and event management at Melbourne University. Her qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma Business in Event Management, BA Hons Social Anthropology and relevant industry certificates. She is currently completing a Masters of Social Anthropology.




  • Design Institute of Australia
  • Regional Arts Victoria
  • Institute of company directors Australia